Tips for cooking with marijuana – Part 2

  • The importance of taste

Test and improve your cannabis prescriptions. If you go to celebrate a meal, you should ensure that you serve not only places, but is rich. The experience will be much more positive. Maria works in a manner similar to oregano, basil or sage in the kitchen. It combines well with other herbs and if you use it in the form of butter, not overwhelms and dominates the other flavors.

  • Adequate equipment:

It is better not to cook with marijuana Christmas Eve dinner, although we may all be better at family gatherings. But you have to choose good chances, especially if we invite novices, organize them into comfortable places where people can relax, and with sufficient time to enjoy the experience.

  • Nothing surprises guests:

Tell the guests that the source of biscuits that have gobbled marijuana had not the slightest grace. And you will not laugh if one of them begins to suffer paranoia and panic or other fruit psychosomatic symptom of fear. Besides, of course, allergies, intolerances, etc. they may have and that you do not. always time to announce the experiences of cannabis cuisine for whoever comes do it knowingly.

  • Time and patience:

We all know that the orally ingested cannabis may take over an hour to take effect, depending on the conditions and digestive system of each. But almost always you have to deal with someone who cannot stand the wait (this does not put!) And another dose is administered without having digested the first. Bad idea. It serves a good dish to each guest and do not let them repeat.

  • Symptoms of poisoning:

Typically, the most extreme effects such as panic attacks or panic, controlled leaving the person in a calm and speaking softly to remind you that these symptoms will disappear in a while. Physically, there is no overdose, and rarely other effect occurs that a voltage drop (the famous yellow), in which case you have to knock down the person with legs up, higher than the head knees.

  • The desktop:

Prepare a good atmosphere, with cushions scattered on the floor, right music and refreshments for the inevitable thirst. Make sure that your guests do not go up after a few good hours, or if possible, to stay to sleep. The sense of direction is very damaging in these cannabis meals, so it is convenient to not have to travel more than the bathroom.

  • Kitchen cannabis and alcohol use:

You might go for the same, but marijuana and alcohol do not mix well; and orally much less. Ideally make this experience without alcohol, but then this would not be Spain. In any case, it offers a single -a drink wine, for example to accompany, not to get drunk. So cannabis intoxication will be sharper. Instead, marijuana combines beautifully with chocolate and coffee. And a good host never ceases to offer them.




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