Tips for cooking with marijuana – Part 1

When we speak of doses recommended for any health problems, or just for recreational use, a number of considerations that sometimes we overlook and which are very important but even if consumption for medicinal purposes are talking about must be taken into account. That’s why we always, always, we recommend you visit a specialized medical cannabis issues because adequate doses must be adjusted.

It is also true that marijuana is natural, as natural that is should not affect against … but if you’re “patient” or those suffering from a disease and also consume drugs is good that a professional of health is aware.

  • To begin:

Remember that marijuana is fat soluble and water-insoluble. To that THC is released -and therefore have effect- is necessary to heat and mix with some -palm fat, butter, other lactose-. Marijuana teas do not put anything. The easiest way is previously developing an oil or cannabis butter, and then use them in recipes. But in any case, no British cuisine – serving in water. If you are not clear, think of two pasta dishes; bolognaise spaghetti with oregano for marijuana–substituted over the plate already prepared, not work. Instead a recipe for pesto Genovese, basil changing marijuana, is a dish to make with cannabis.

  • Weights and measures:

Now that you know the specific behavior of the boiler in the kitchen, the rest becomes pure culinary knowledge. Like any self-respecting chef, you must measure the proportions of foods that incorporate your recipes. Since for these experiments you are going to involve guests, also known as “guinea pigs” – sin no beast. 1/2 gram per person, if you’re using buds, or 2 grams if you use remnants of manicuring, are a starting point the prudent and sufficient time. You go adapting the amounts the body of your most frequent guests. As any cook, uses the kitchen scale is an indispensable tool.

And remember that not all marijuana are equal and have the same power, so all advice is necessarily indicative of amounts. Over time, you will learn to calculate.

  • Temperature:

Although THC needs to be heated to break free, excess temperature can it degrade certain cannabinoids, so it is advisable to cook longer at temperatures no higher than 170 degrees C. And even if you’re an aspiring chef will not need recommendation, do not use the microwave!


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