How marijuana helps people with cancer – Part 2

Rosie Johnson, Kentucky, is battling Stage 4 cancer of the vulva and rectal cancer and does not apologize for his choice of medicine. After all, their own doctors have dismissed him as a lost cause, so why does she care about what anyone thinks about it at this time? Speaking about his cancer and cannabis, it goes straight to the point, as they often do people with serious diseases. “Whether he (the cancer) takes my life, I know that cannabis oil has helped prolong and improve the quality of my life.”

After she undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments for his cancer, his doctors suggested radical surgery, which she refused. He met someone online who was sent cannabis oil free. Currently daily use a topical cream that she does oil. It also uses other essential oils, incense, orange and thyme, on topics and are taking certain oils internally, starting with oil incense. After starting treatment with cannabis oil, she won forty-five lbs. and was able to return to work. Though still battling cancer, happily he says “the quality of my life is much better.”

There is only a small amount of research on the ability of cannabis’ to kill cancer cells, but there is a consensus among doctors about that cannabis relieves the terrible symptoms associated with traditional cancer treatments such as cachexia, which it can often be fata l. Some studies have shown that cannabis is able to kill cancer cells and leukemia cases, even serious, such as glioblastoma brain cancers. Most studies indicate that a combination of cannabinoids with extraction of the whole plant is better than extracts of single cannabinoids in fighting cancer and tumors, but should be done with respect to various types of cancers and determine the effectiveness in different cases.

Cancer is a complex issue; There are many types of cancer respond differently to treatments, and every person who undergoes treatment has different needs. However, the potential anti – tumor properties of cannabis and its ability to fight the worst side effects of standard medical treatments for cancer should make it one of the first recommended medical substances when their patients are diagnosed with the word “c “feared.

For those who are battling cancer, your loved ones and medical professionals truly dedicated to helping eradicate this scourge, cannabis should be an available option for treatment, not something discussed “off the record” and get on a regulated market. To maintain federal marijuana prohibition in the US, the government should ignore not only years of scientific research and compelling anecdotes, but must also downplaying its own patent, which ensures their right to development of cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotective (the antioxidants are correlated with reduced risk of cancer).

There is no doubt that cannabis is beneficial for cancer patients, regardless of the type or severity of the cancer that is for cancer patients and their caregivers, cannabis should be a first line of defense and not a last resort. It should be used in conjunction with traditional therapies, rather than be the last option when these therapies fail. The incredibly useful plant helps thousands, if not millions, of people sick and cannot be denied medical information and its potential because of an antiquated social policy and influence in the medical community.

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