How marijuana helps people with cancer – Part 1

There are a lot of exaggerated rhetoric in the world around cannabis and cancer. Some people go so far as to claim that cannabis can and will kill all cancers, despite the stage of cancer progression and the type of it. Even a cursory review of the data shows that this is inaccurate, as hundreds if not thousands of people using cannabis die of cancer every year. However, while cannabis is not the miracle cure cancer some paint it as if it were, there is no doubt that most cancer patients, including pediatric cancer patients, can benefit from this medication.

In some cases, where there is reliable access to high quality, extracts professional quality cannabis, cannabis has been shown to effectively shrink tumors or kill cancer cells. Even in cases of intractable pediatric cancer as the case Logan Ewell, cannabis oil has shown immense promise as a first line of defense. Unfortunately, because of its ban, most dependent on cannabis extracts and concentrates are at the mercy of an unregulated market and must rely on the word of their suppliers as a single performance standard.

No evidence of an independent laboratory to ensure standardized dose and cleaning product, many medical marijuana patients find that the potency and efficacy vary between different batches of product. In addition, many doctors are reluctant to recommend cannabis, despite being aware that can relieve the unpleasant side effects of conventional treatment, which can make it difficult for many people undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy realize that can help.

Dora Rivera, a resident of Vermont 28 years old, is currently using medical cannabis to combat stage 2 malignant melanoma (skin cancer) on her scalp. While she was receiving medical treatments for cancer, she used to stay in the hospital for three or four days at a time, suffering the extreme side effects including convulsions and paralysis in her right leg. Came a time when she was taking nineteen different medications for the various conditions and side effects of her treatments.

When he started using medical marijuana, he experienced a drastic reduction of symptoms and a dramatic improvement in correlation with quality of life. In those days, it was repeated to himself two medications daily and regained full function of his right leg and is free of cancer, which she believes is due to its use of medical marijuana.

When asked about medical use of cannabis, he felt the need to defend him, as many people have prejudices of their personal medical decision. “Do not abuse the right to use marijuana. I will not do it in front of my children, but I will not hide from them, either … I have babies; they need their mother. I am only 28 years. “

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