How long is the cannabis in your body?

Everyone would like to know exactly, how much expect to pass a drug test without giving positive and because there are several types of drug testing, here are some general guidelines.

First of all say that this is information is for everyone in general and is not 100% effective for everyone. If you want to know exactly if there is something in your body you can submit to a test of THC in the urine with relative ease.

Part of the problem to determine exactly how long marijuana will stay in your body is the fact that it depends largely on the frequency of use of marijuana. By example if you take only 1 or 2 times a month, in a few days will disappear from your body. But nevertheless if you eat normally it may take a month or even more to be sure that it is no longer detectable.

Urine tests

These are the most common. The detection time is longer than one of saliva and factors such as weight, body fat, the amount of marijuana and frequency that was used are related to the time that THC remain in their urine. Regardless of fat or body mass account these are the data; If you consumed once in life, give proof positive between 1-6 days after eating.

A rare smoker, 1 or 2 times a month will be positive for 7-13 days after consuming. A frequent user, several times a week, it may take 2 weeks or more to remove all the THC. And for the most smoked, several times a day, every day, they are applied to the highest obtained to date, 45-90 days for complete disappearance.

In these tests THC metabolites, which is not the same as the THC itself are detected. These metabolites are formed when the liver breaks down THC, and remain in the body much longer periods than THC time.

There are also many methods used by users to pass a test of marijuana. Some work and some probably not. There are some so-called urine cleaners are worthy of skepticism around them. These act similarly to when drink plenty of water, thereby diluting urine. If urine is very dilute the laboratory will reject it because it is unable to analyze it properly, which will repeat the test, and which will serve if all you wanted was to gain some time.

Saliva tests

These are much less common than urine, and only give positive about 12 hours after their last puff, so they are much easier to pass the urine.

Hair Testing

The only THC hair remains in a week after their last puff, so with wait about 8-9 days will be enough. This test has a fault, is that sometimes the THC us and sticks to the hair follicles. And if adhering neither could say it has been consumed, as this effect may also occur in environments where smoke contains TUCA.

Blood test

These are used mostly by the authorities, as they must determine the amount of active THC into the bloodstream. By smoking the fastest way absorption is achieved. In just nine minutes the body gets the highest levels of THC. However 15 minutes after blood THC is greatly reduced, significantly lower falling within two hours levels.

With a small dose, between 3 and 12 hours after smoking THC would no longer be detectable. If the dose is higher, we speak of between 6 and 27 hours. This data is only for people who do not smoke regularly.

The concentration falls so rapidly because extends tissues and metabolized by the liver, being metabolites, as mentioned above, if stay longer in the body.

THC eating

Here the case changes a little, and the effects of THC not noticed until several hours after eating. Here THC blood levels remain detectable until after consuming 25 hours and THC metabolites 50 hours to drop below detectable levels.

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