How can we help you do not have a bad trip with Cannabis?

At other times, when a friend will accompany in the bad trip after taking cannabis. In that case, it is also advisable to know what to do to give a hand to our companion and make the experience more bearable.

To begin with, nothing to repeat obvious things like “calm down”. Talking is a good choice, but it is worth ask specific questions, such as what you are feeling at that time or if you can distinguish a particular part of your body. All this without forgetting that when we happen to be next to someone in that situation have to be patient and understandable.

Also, something really useful is to remind the traveler what he has taken. This will allow you to realize that what is happening is just one of the possible effects of what has been consumed and it is matter of time before everything returns to normal.

Finally, this conversation is not bad either discuss things that bring the user to reality. For example, saying what time it would help to mitigate the distortion of time that could be living our partner.

In any case, both for those traveling to who accompanies the consumer who lives this psychedelic crisis, it is important to always keep in mind that beyond a worsening tachycardia due to anxiety, is an experience whose intensity will vary depending our ability to control it: breathe, calm down and wait for the yellow leaves. He always does. And remember that, like many other things in life, everyone is different; and just because something is not pleasant for a person does not mean that it is a safe and pleasant experience for others.

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