Effects of marijuana in the circulatory system

According drug-addiction.com, about 37% of Americans 12 and older have tried marijuana, making it the most widely used illicit drug. While some people smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes, it is a common recreational drug. Regardless of the purpose, use of marijuana causes damage to the circulatory system.

The facts

The Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC (for its acronym in English), is the main chemical in marijuana that affects the circulatory system. Drug-addiction.com says that smoking marijuana affects the circulatory system more than any other drug because of the high levels of THC in the blood. Marijuana also is used to make teas or added to food. Regardless of the risks to health, users are attracted to marijuana for the psychoactive effects of THC.

Heart rate

Tachycardia, or increased heart rate, is the main effect of marijuana on the circulatory system. According to the Department of Prevention and Education on Alcohol and Drug Colorado State University, the heart rate can increase by 50%. The effects on heart rate occur in minutes using marijuana.

Blood pressure

Colorado State University also indicates that marijuana use increases your blood pressure, regardless of whether they have a history of hypertension or not. This increase is more damaging if you have problems existing blood pressure. The effects of marijuana on blood pressure are directly related to the main effects on the heart, the other component of the circulatory system.

Limits on research

According whitman.edu, there is insufficient evidence to prove that marijuana is dangerous for the circulatory system of all people. The website indicates that it has never been an incident where someone has died as a result of complications in the circulatory system caused by marijuana. In fact, the effects of marijuana on the heart and blood pressure are similar to the circulatory effects induced by stress.


Offhandedly to speculation, the fact that marijuana affects the circulatory system remains and its effects on your health can not be predictable. You must be especially careful if you have circulation problems such as high blood pressure or heart disease. The dangers are even greater if you use other drugs or drink alcohol while using marijuana.

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