Breathing marijuana smoke is so harmful to the heart as smoke snuff

Being in the same room with someone who is smoking marijuana is just as harmful to the heart and blood vessels smoke snuff. This is the conclusion of the latest survey carried out by the division of cardiology at the University of California in San Francisco (USA).

In their study, the researchers conducted an experiment with laboratory rats that were exposed to marijuana smoke as passive smokers. Thanks to an ultrasound machine high resolution could measure the activity of the main artery in the leg. After 30 minutes, they discovered that the function of blood vessels of rats was reduced by 70%. The decrease in function blood vessels can increase the chances of developing atherosclerosis and ultimately to a heart attack.

“Most people know that cigarette smoke second hand is bad, but many do not realize that marijuana smoke second hand can also be harmful. There is no reason to think that marijuana smoke is better than smoke snuff. Avoid the two,” says the leader of the study.

When performing the same tests 40 minutes after exposure to marijuana smoke and clean air, the scientists found that the function of blood vessels had not returned to normal.

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