5 basic when using marijuana principles

It seems interesting to share this article published in the journal hemp, on the 5 basic principles of assessment when using marijuana.

It is interesting to be aware of them when consuming. Remember that the effects may vary according to your type, age and even medical records. In any case it is always important to consult a doctor or specialist, but if it is for medicinal purposes.

1) Effect of rise and fall, resulting in “mind numbing” or “body highs”. In his own words, “we call up those herbs that induce stimulating situations, and down those whose qualities are more sedatives; to understand, sedatives tend to stimulate the emotions, inspiring sociability, and bla bla-ha-ha, while the Indic produce more tranquilizers and sedative effects, for its high content in cannabinoids. ”

2) Duration of effect, which can be short: 15 to 30 minutes or longer: 7 to 6 hours.

3) Tolerance, that is, the ability or inability of the same pot to produce the same initial sensation. “So an herb high tolerance in less than a week has fed us and put us low tolerance always the same, but with a high intensity (are the most sought after and appreciated).”

4) Ceiling, top or summit, this is the number of puffs or “puffing” that can give the same material, “most induce varieties reach the roof from the tenth shed … should not insist if not wants to get an undesired effect (coughing, hoarseness, etc.) However, not so, because the ceiling is so high that it seems that does not exist for them; this means that the more you consume more balloon catch.”

5) mental side effects that arise once past the effects, “when we force growing trend in the overall result is that … can produce some unexpected anxiety, but not always.”

Reverend X warns that in general terms “the art of growing, harvesting at the right time and correct curing” influence on all these aspects, although most are genetically inherited principles.

With these parameters more taste or flavors, Reverend X usually analyze different varieties of marihuana the results published in the journal hemp. Some seem good and some bad.

Analyzing the variety Blue Grass for example, he says it has a “meaty taste, very persistent, with rancid and unctuous touches at once”; and a “very acceptable, large and long stone. Surprising “, so it concludes that” if the coffee tasted would be the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. “By contrast, the Flash Jack did not like, says he has a little persistent “dry and pungent stoned; and tolerance very high.”

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